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Irmari Nacht's art has been exhibited in every major museum in her home state of New Jersey, including the Newark Museum, the NJ State Museum, the Morris Museum, and the Montclair Art Museum. It is in several corporate and public collections, such as AT&T, Western Electric, PSE&G, ADP, the Newark Museum, International Museum of Collage, Mexico, and the Jimmy Carter Museum.... She has exhibited internationally, as well as nationally, and received two New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowships in Sculpture. She received a second Puffin Foundation Grant for "Who Am I?," an interactive project where the viewer becomes part of the artwork.

Nacht has made artist books throughout the years, but in 2007 she began working steadily on the "SAVED" series, which she is continuing into 2010. These bookworks are in several collections and have recently been shown at the Belskie Museum, NJ, the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, MA, the Leonard Hansen Gallery, Englewood Library, NJ, the Westport Library, CT, NJ State Museum, the Newark Museum, and in a solo show at the Atrium Gallery, Bard College at Simon's Rock, MA. This is her first exhibit in Maine.

My recycled books in a series entitled "SAVED," uses books that otherwise might be discarded, and transforms them into artworks. The books are cut, sometimes into slivers which curl and undulate, and return to the tree-like shape from which the paper was made.

The words on the pages of the books are sliced, slivered, or torn and become interwoven with other slivers and slices to make the original meaning no longer clear. But the words are still there--creating new information now obtained by reading only the letters that are visually available. Or, as the words of the book extend beyond the surface of the covers by means of the outreaching slivers, the ideas and concepts of the book move out to the viewer, perhaps generating new ideas.

The reality of the book is questioned: is it no longer a book, or is it a container for concepts? Is it now a sculpture? Must a book have pages and words, or can it be an electronic device imparting knowledge through sight rather than touch? And a book without readable words, has it lost the basic integrity of a book and become an art object capable of many interpretations?

The book has become more than a utilitarian object; it has become art and "a thing of beauty." It now pleases the aesthetic senses as well as the intellectual ones.

This artwork, using the book as a metaphor, addresses environmental concerns, change and transformation, information received and denied, altered reality, as well as the concept of multiple imagery, which highlights the strength and energy of repeated elements.

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