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My work is inspired by arcane historical texts, exotic foreign travels, storytelling, poetry and silence. I strive to walk a fine line of being playful and witty, while also trying to be reserved and quiet. In these contrasts I find no end of interesting combinations.

In terms of a process, I tend to create my own expeditions from which I can develop a body of work. In the past two years I've been to Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, the Mojave Desert, the jungles of Puerto Rico, Alaska, the mountains of Rocky Mountain National park, Yosemite Valley's Granite big walls, volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest, and the cold mountains of northern Maine in winter, all the while observing these various ecosystems and interacting with scientists and explorers alike. These experiences are at the center of my images.

My desire for the images is to simultaneously be a product of these fantastic experiences as well as creating a foundation for fantastic possibilities. I'm fascinated with adventurers and explorers for many reasons, but specifically I'm intrigued by the element of endurance. For me, endurance is the single most important element of my process. In pushing myself to far off physical places, as an explorer, I also end up pushing myself to far off psychological places. I consider my adventures to be similar to, if not the same as, working in the studio making repetitive and tedious marks. Both studio work and exploration allow me the meditative time in which I can discover something inside myself.

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